IVD Vision

About Us

A small company delivering big results.

--Let's Discuss Your Product!

How We Work

  • 1 Discovery
  • 2 Analysis
  • 3 Engineering
  • 4 Assembly

Our key players meet up with your stakeholders, so that we can get a detailed understanding of your requirements.

We turn the discovery into a detailed needs analysis.

We take the needs analysis and engineer the best possible product to meet your specifications. We check and double-check our work.

After your approval of the finalized engineering specifications, we connect you with an assembler who can cost-effectively produce your parts with both quality and quantity.

Products & Services

Instrument Development

Quality analytical instrumentation such as point of care readers, lateral flow strip readers, PCR systems, and much more.

Software Development

QT & Visual Studio and microcontroller firmware. Windows and Linux OS.

Vision Stations

Our vision systems are used for part inspection and evaluating assays. We have both reflectance and fluorescence based systems.

  • 12 LFA Readers
  • 102 Image Processing Algorithms
  • 56 Optical Designs

Experience Counts

We've seen a thing or two, and welcome your difficult and challenging projects.

Project Managers

Patrick Coffey

Project Manager

Greg Reneff

Project Manager - Electrical, Thermal and Software

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