About IVD Vision

IVD develops high quality analytical instrumentation for making measurements, from low cost disposable point of care lateral flow strip readers to full lab-on-a-chip readers. We use many in-house technologies to design and build instruments to fit your exact specifications more quickly and at a lower cost than other product developers. Our team has the experience and creativity to develop and build products that allow you to be successful.

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Our Services

Optical Design

Optical design is one of our core strengths. From very low light applications to imaging, we are the experts.

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Electronics Design

We design and build digital and analog circuits including microcontrollers, cameras, power systems and motion control.

Mechanical Design

From prototyping to final design, our mechanical engineering team can help.

Our Team

Our team: An incredible development engine based on teamwork, respect and keen insight into challenging problems. Call to find out more.

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  • 118 Confirmed elements
  • 5 States of matter
  • 3 Billion DNA base pairs in the human body

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Fluorescence Vision
Product Design
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